Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Merry, Mid-Century Christmas

Alfred Hitchcock at the dessert table.

I have been filled with holiday cheer over the last few weeks preparing for Mark and Donnie's party.  (Side note:  Don (Donnie) Callahan, if you didn't know, is a phenomenal real estate agent in Savannah with a slew of beautiful properties listed on his site.) It has been an honor and pleasure to work with these guys, and in such an amazing pad!  You MUST go visit their home's listing here.  You'll find lots of fantastic information and pictures of the house sans-festive decor.  The Jack Stacy home, which feels as though it's been plucked from Beverly Hills, is a wonderful example of style and groove circa 1958.

I mean, HELLO!  Do you see this?

We decked their wood paneled halls with flashy flowers, retro trimmings, famous cameos, and homespun touches of yarn and felt.  And of course there were a few glimmering lights. 

So, the party was great, wasn't it?  Wait, you couldn't make it?  Aww, that's okay.  Don't beat yourself up!  Take a video tour and pilfer through my lengthy catalog of snapshots.

Audrey Hepburn playing a little game of Where's Waldo.  
Actually, her candy striped dress is meant to mimic the chimney.  
The Where's Waldo similarity was a complete accident.

 Poinsettia Yarn Wreath by Katie Runnels
available at shopSCAD, 912.525.5180, or here!

Vintage thermos vases!

Frank Sinatra loves hors d'oeuvrs!

Donnie's old train! Mark and I found this in the attic while looking for lights.
We couldn't resist setting it up.  Even came with coal for the naughty party goer.

Little Marky Conway and Santa Clause.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Glitzy Arrangements

These little 'uns will be placed throughout the space for Mark and Donnie's party.  You know, in bathrooms and such.

I was watching HGTV today (not always a good idea).  Sandra Lee was instructing viewers to decorate for the holidays with a restricted palette of only two colors.  This will produce a truly "decorated" and cohesive look.  Apparently I am going the opposite, more spontaneous direction.  

We'll see how it all comes together in the end, and if Sandra Lee was right all along.

Jingly Hornucopia

This latest centerpiece for the holiday party developed purely by accident.  I was using my vintage horn to stow my extra glittery bits when I realized that I really liked the "cornucopia-esque" shape that it was taking.  Being so appropriately festive I had to follow through with the idea.  Though truly bizarre, I love this piece.

Little, 50's elf pipe-cleaner thingies!

When I asked Mark if he had any ideas for the decorations he jokingly said, "Let's go COUNTRY.  I want ducks, Kipper, lots of ducks!"  We had a good laugh about it.  But little does he know....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Glam

My dear friends, Mark and Donnie, are throwing a holiday bash in their gorgeous, mid-century modern home, and they asked me to decorate for the event.  Considering the setting, their personalities, and their retro invites I quickly settled on a theme:


Too awkward?

Here's a table centerpiece that I've been working on.  It's a hint of the glam and 50's style that I hope to meld in their space.  I wove strands of ribbon into the grill of an old record holder and embellished the sides with glittery floral arrangements (Michael's was having a sale!).

Vintage Record Holder
It was screaming, "Turn me into a centerpiece!"


Glittery flowers for glittery flower arranging.

Start weaving your wibbons!

Detail of arrangement.

Add some bells and whistles.  Or just bells.

And don't forget the Holiday Jams!  
It is still a record holder after all.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

1st Place Christmas Tree

The holidays are a time for counting blessings, cheerful acts of kindness and mandatory well wishing.  But love towards your fellow man aside, it's the perfect time for you to be the champion holiday host with this competition-ready Christmas tree.  Sure, Aunt Trudy has the best stuffing, and Gramps wins best holiday sweater hands down, but wait till they get a load of this stunner.

I have recently developed an obsession for old trophies, collecting them for the last few months with no intended purpose.  Then the obvious hit me: turn them into a Christmas tree.  Well, okay, maybe not obvious, BUT when you take one look at this tree you'll never look at a trophy the same way again.

Here's how you can make your own.

First off, you'll need some trophies that you can disassemble.  I found mine in various places (i.e. thrift/junk shops, ebay, garage sales, etc).

You'll also need some wood cut to a variety of sizes and shapes, a slender dowel rod, a drill, some screws of varying lengths, a tape measurer, a hammer, a pen, paints and brushes.  The cost of this project can vary widely depending how cheaply you can acquire your trophies and if you're able to find some free wood scraps.  Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Creating a sturdy, wide base ensures that your trophy tree (which is very top heavy and awkward in terms of weight distribution) will not tip over on you.  I used a piece of salvaged ply wood that looked to be a good size for the size of my tree.  I then used a salvaged piece of 4x4 for the base of my tree's trunk.

I made small trophies using the scraps of wood that a friend gave me.  Then I tried stacking the wood in different combinations to get a feel for the shape that my tree would take.

I took the pieces of wood off my trunk and began assembling my first branch.  I used a dowel rod to create pegs for the underside of the branch and drilled holes into the trunk.  This allowed me to easily assemble and disassemble the tree later for easy transport.

I continued making branches, each one shorter than its predecessor.   Note: make sure that the trophies on opposite side of the branch are fairly equal in weight, using the center of your branch as a fulcrum.    This will help keep your tree from tipping off center as it grows taller.

Now most people would probably want to paint their tree prior to assembling it, but I didn't think that far ahead.  Secondly I knew that I was using two tones of green and that I wanted a gradient effect that would have been hard to paint prior to making the full thing.

For the final touch I added some some fake spray snow. 

Voila!  Now your Christmas caroling set-list can include a little "Eye of the Tiger" and "We Are the Champions."  No one will question whether or not you're top dog this holiday season.