Saturday, May 22, 2010

Razzle, Dazzle 'Em! Tie-Fantazzel 'Em!

A necktie is, without question, the most typical male accessory and stand-by, last-minute gift idea (ask any dad on Father's Day). It can be a struggle when trying to spice up one of the most sedate accoutrements in male fashion short of buying a colorful, Looney Tunes tie with Bugs front and center.

But wait! Before you go down that perilous road follow the guide bellow on how to transform your business noose into a blingin' neck piece.

1. What it's going to take:

A cute, vintage tie, a hammer,
a metallic setting, and clear crystal.

*DO NOT use a silk tie! The fabric will pucker when the crystal is firmly set.
*Sterling silver settings and Swarovski crystals were used for this project.
*Crystals and settings can be purchased in bulk from a variety of online sources.

2. Insert the crystal in the setting face down.

3. Position the tie on top of the setting face down,
placing the setting in the desired location.

Then puncture the tie.

4. Fold the four prongs toward the center of the
setting one at a time.
For the softer skinned
gents, a thimble is completely acceptable.

5. Give the folded prongs a little
love tap (or two) with your hammer
to fully tighten the setting.

6. Tah Dah! And now you have your own dandy tie!


hayliebird said...

Ooooh!! I love the sparkle. Fabulous idea and DIY tutorial. Keep em' comin!

Heather said...

Kyle! So lovin' your blog...and God knows I LOVE sparkle!

Mitzi Curi said...

I'm an antique dealer, and I have a huge stash of goodies including a couple boxes of vintage ties. I've been waiting for some inspiration to strike, and now I have it. Thanks!