Friday, June 11, 2010

Those were the daaaaaayyyyys!

Archie and Edith would be glowing with pride (well, Archie doesn't exactly glow, but you get the idea) if they could see the nostalgic offerings at Kansas City's premiere vintage clothing store, Re-Runs, a rough-around-the-edges boutique featuring "vintage apparel and accessories of distinction."  What is most endearing about the shop is the special attention paid to its more masculine merchandise.  It's a tough racket trying to round up decent vintage clothing for men, and let's admit it, men's clothing period.  Most stores pay us little attention, graciously offering a small carpet square in a corner near the back.  While Re-Runs does relegate the men's fashion to the rear of the store, the similarities stop there. 

Not just old band t's, polyester button-downs, and country-western shirts.  No, sirree, this space abounds with suits, boots, dress shoes, ties, tie bars, suspenders, cuff links, hats, bolos, bow ties, belts, belt buckles, bandannas, and of course brooches (check out their revolving jewelry cases!).  And be sure to spin the wheel-o-savings before you check out.

Re-Runs, most famously mentioned in the pages of Esquire, has a huge inventory.  I mean huge.  Their warehouse, located a bit further north of their store, is frequently visited by designers from Marc Jacobs who have been known to poke around, buying the oldest, shabbiest garments to reproduce in their studios.  To say this place is pretty groovy is an understatement.

I did not have the opportunity to meet the proprietor of Re-Runs, Ken Coit, but I was able to meet the wonderfully charming Andy Chambers.  Andy is many things, but for the purposes of this post he is the arteest behind the visuals of the shop, crafting wicked and wacky displays and window installations.  He is also a veteran proponent of the man-brooch, and hence, my long lost soul mate.  A big thank you to Andy for touring me around the shop (that in itself is another post entirely).


pammalu said...

Awwww..... what a great place!
I also want to compliment you on your picture "frames" around each photo you've posted! they are so AWESOME! Now I want little pic frames for my posts!

FLYoungStudio said...

sounds like a treasure chest over there! and i have to agree...those frames are awesome :)

kirsten sparenborg said...


Look at you! I love your photo frames - very much.

Oh - I just noticed someone already mentioned that...well, I agree.

See you soon - really.