Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Ol' Dad

Happy Father's Day!
This is my Pa, Kenny Millsap, from back in the day.

He's the one who nicknamed me Kipper.  

He taught me how to fish.  

He makes the best milkshakes.  

He enjoys country music and oldies.  

He is a Pisces like me.  

He stayed up with me until I fell asleep when I was a kid.  

He preformed the commitment ceremony when my 
best friend Clayton married his partner, Joe.

He is pretty awesome.

Here's a picture of us looking snazzy from 1992.


Allyson Ross said...

this is all kinds of amazing. cutie pie!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Well, this is a lovely pic;)

hayliebird said...

so great, i love your dad. he's a good papa indeed and boy was he a handsome young feller, it must be where you get it from!

pammalu said...

mini dad baby pic is sooooo cute!
The colors are wonderful too!

FLYoungStudio said...

lovely post! that picture of you two rockin' the cowboy hats is priceless!

Afton said...

holy moly! I love that picture of you two, so great! can't wait to see you soon, lv, afton

Paula said...

Absolutely love this post Kipper! You have got an amazing Dad and I have been blessed to be able to share him with you! I so remember the cowboy hats!