Friday, June 18, 2010

Flags: Part 2

Pennant Flag Valance

My widows have been feeling pretty depressed lately, sending me subtle cries for help.  If they weren't already windows they'd have jumped out of themselves, committing window suicide.  Who can blame them?  They have been neglected by their owner for the last eight months.  But brighter days are ahead now that they have a little embellishment del Espanol.  Thanks to my pennant flag valance my windows are finally getting their groove back.

1. It don't take much:

* Only a square dowel rod and some of your favorite pennant flags.
* Mine were purchased at the amazing Antiques on Broadway in 
Kansas City, Missouri, for a meager $2.50 each.  
Don'tcha just love the fringe?!

2. Assembly

Slip your rod into the sleeves of your flags 
(carefully if your flags are vintage, 
do not tear the delicate fabric).

* If your flags are pre-sewn with sleeves to fit your rod then you 
move ahead, but other wise you'll need to saddle up your sewing kit.

 3. Raise your flags!

!Ariba!  Now you can hang your piece!

I know, this is pretty basic.  I used a couple of nails (for rustic simplicity, of course) to support the rod, but this is an excellent opportunity to further gussy up your valance.  Festone your eye-screws, screw hooks, or nails with an interesting found object.  You can even paint your dowel rod a bright color that coordinates with the scheme of your flags.  Afterall, this is just the beginning, so experiment and have fun!

For my final version I used my fencing sword and some screw hooks.  Talk about viva la revolucion.

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pammalu said...

mmmm.... now I want some pennants! Love them as window decor!
Truthfully I haven't been junking or shopping for oldies in a while. I miss it!
Thanks as always for the inspiration!