Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Got You Pegged

Bring some garage chic to your pad with the ever-utilitarian and versatile pegboard.

In my apartment, as with most, my landlords appreciate it when I don't riddle the walls with nail holes (go figure). And when you have a lot of art work you leave behind a lot of damage. Knowing my propensity for this sin, I spoke with my landlords and came up with a wonderful compromise: a single sheet of peg board. When mounted it only requires 4 screws, leaving much less evidence of miscalculated hammer throws. It also affords the dweller the prerogative to switch up the look, keeping it simple (not exactly my style) or showing off all your artful trophies at once.

The following "how to" describes the process of constructing and installing a piece similar to the one below.
I encourage you to experiment with your pegboard's size, orientation, and color to best compliment your space.

1. Grab yer tools:

A drill, a sheet of peg board (measured and cut
to fit your space),a couple of long 1"x2"s,
four 3" screws, and six 1" screws.

*You may need anchors for your screws
depending on the material of your walls.

2. Let's get physical.

Using your six 1" screws, attach the 1"x2"s to the back
of the pegboard as shown below. Keeping the 1"x2"s

away from the edge gives the pegboard the illusion of

floating away from the wall.

*red circles indicate 1" screws  
*blue circles indicate 3" screws

3. Mount it, baby.

Pre-drill four holes for your 3" screws. These screws
go through the front of the pegboard, through
your backing
1"x2"s, and finally secure into the wall.
Put one in each
corner of your pegboard

*Again, you will need anchors for your screws if you have drywall.

4. Hookin' up.

Before your treasures can be properly displayed you'll
need to purchase your
hookus apparati
(that's latin for
some way to hang the dang stuff).

* hooks are great for hanging art, tools, and fencing swords

*baskets make great catch-alls - keys, mail, remotes, etc.

5. Let's get to hangin'.
Mix your favorite art pieces with items you've collected to
achieve that mad-man look, or keep it clean and simple.
Plus, you can always change it up if you don't like it.
There in lies the beauty of pegboard, your landlord's
new best friend.

Jay Schmetz and taxidermy - strange bed fellows.

A manly mirror.

Some festive ornamentation.

Those paper dolls look familiar (thank you, Afton).

Fencing sword, basket of tools, and Yoswadi painting.


pammalu said...

this is great!!!
I can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a great idea! Great blog..can't wait to see you again too. Love ya

meghan said...

Used this sweet little tutorial to install some pegboard in my studio! Here are some photos:

Thanks for sharing it!! xo.