Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lint, Be GONE!

Lint rollers.  I rely on them to keep me looking spiffy before I head out the door, and owning a pet requires a daily maintenance.  Hoarding a heap of old trinkets and linens also means that my outer coat is under constant attack from strange fuzzes, chipping paint, and clouds of dust.  As an ever-prepared Eagle Scout I have three lint rollers at my disposal: one at home, one in the car, and one at work.  After years of trying I've found that these cantankerous contraptions are hard to corral.  Well, Kipper, stress no more.

Introducing the kitschy and unusual Lint Roller Rest!

I was pretty surprised by this, and to be honest I can't entirely make heads or tails of it.  But I think I may have stumbled upon one of the most under-publicized, totally brilliant, containing devices the world has ever known.  If that's a little dramatic then I think we can at least agree that they are wonderfully...... odd?

You can get them here at, all handmade by Debbie.

Owl Lint Roller Rest 

Pheasant Lint Roller Rest

Kitten Lint Roller Rest.... for my bestie, Cuyler.


pammalu said...

squeeee! people are so creative and wonderous!
What a fun find!

hayliebird said...

i want that yellow on with the kitty!
true, it's odd- but everything must have it's place... xoxo

sunshine said...

Hi there!
I was out blog hopping and stumbled upon you! So happy that I did. :)

What a great idea! We have pets also so I am always wielding a lint roller as well. Those are just too cute! Usually mine are stuck to some piece of paper somewhere and requires a lot of ripping and swearing to get it going again. :P

Have a great day!