Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You have a little something on your tie...

And it just so happens to be a screen printed splatter design by Denise Carson.  

These one-of-a-kind ties make an excellent Father's Day gift for the papa who worries about coffee and spaghetti stains.  Fret no more, dear ol dad, shopSCAD has you covered.  Each tie is vintage or gently used, made truly special with their own unique splatter pattern and color (and we have dozens to choose from).

Worn and adored by Hamish Bowles, European Editor at Large for American Vogue (loved 'em so much he bought four).  Get a load of this dandy pictured below, who also appreciates the great outdoors.

Visit shopSCAD in Savannah, GA, or give us a call at 912.525.5180 for your very own!


pammalu said...

the ties are great and Hamish Bowles is FREAKING ADORABLE!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

I just discovered your blog through The Constant Gatherer. What a swell blog you have indeed. I've linked it on my blog.
Stay cool.