Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I See London, I See France

So begins the childhood taunt.  A couple inches of elastic and cotton unknowingly creeping up your backside.  A ruthless bully waiting to expose you and your Speed Racer undies.  Back in the day you would have recoiled in shame, but you're a grown man now.  Besides, if you have a pair of these skivvies by Ginch Gonch you are more than proud of your underpants.  And what if someone gets a peek?  Well... that's the whole point.  In fact, they're so fantastic you might find these drawers a little hard to drop.

Muddy Momma boxer briefs

Ginch Gonch's youth inspired designs are perfect for the man who refuses to grow up.  But with names like Big Piston, Hot and Hemi, Exhausted Pipe, and Blazin' Backseats they're hardly kid stuff.  

Hop on over to for some great deals.  Enjoy the drawers!

Flirt Squirt boxer briefs

Lead Foot briefs

Rear Axel Rumbler briefs

Dumper Dude long johns


pammalu said...

Oh these are too much!
So great!

meghan said...

These are amazing!! Thanks for the kind compliments!!! I hope to one day have a blog as awesome as yours!! :)