Friday, July 9, 2010

Tied Down

The world of Male Accessories is a tiny, desolate planet populated by restless inhabitants who pray for variety!  Options!  ANYTHING!  But in the midst of this barren style-desert you can find a small oasis filled with these!


I prefer the vintage variety.....

This is my current favorite.  I think it's pretty fly.
The function of tie bars and clasps is to keep your tie in place, safe from slipping into the sink or soup bowl when you lean forward.  Ahhhh, style married with function.  Many will say they are antiquated or attempt to give you rules for when, why and how you should wear them.  

After a bit of research I have concluded they are nowhere near obsolete, nor is there just one way to keep your tie in place.  Some of this is old news, floating around the male-fashion-blog locker-room for the last year and half, but it's information that still proves relevant.

1.  One fashion law stipulates that tie bars are not to be worn with suit jackets or vests, since there is no need for additional support to keep the tie in place.  Others will say that if you wear a tie bar with the jacket you'll need a pocket square.  I hate rules!!!  They inhibit the imagination and stylistic voice of the wearer.  Here are some great examples of modern men wearing both tie bar and jacket, and you know what?  Pocket square alert!  If you happen to have a snazzy hanky, by all means, show it off.

2.  The length of the tie bar can also raise some questions.  Whether spanning the entire width of the tie (a standard, vintage look) or coming up a bit short (say 3/4 for a more modern twist) you can look dapper either way.  Check out Zac rocking the short tie bar with a blue gingham shirt.

 3. Shopping for tie bars is easy, especially since designers have truly embraced them in the last couple of years.  Check out Paul Stuart, and Thom Browne, as well as some handmade offerings by the less established (but still fantastic) Thom Kostura and Keys and Memories.  Ebay, as always, boasts a large selection of vintage tie accessories.

Dogwood tie bar by Thom Kostura

'M' Typewriter key tie bar, perfect for Mr. Millsap.

4. Can't afford a tie bar?  If all else fails, grab the nearest paperclip in a coordinating color.


pammalu said...

the fly tie clip is a wonderful treasure... where did you ever find that!?

sunshine said...

My husband has many tie bars. Of course he owns a Men's Clothing store so ... :P
Loved the ones that you showed. The Vintage ones are great! I should tell him to look for some Vintage for the store!