Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a Boy!

A good friend of mine recently became the proud papa of a handsome, strong, witty, and wonderful bouncing, baby boy.  My heart is filled with tremendous joy for them, bringing back memories of me and my own dad.

It's no secret that I was an active boyscout (since I mention it at every opportune moment),  and the kind of boy who came home half naked, covered in mud, after digging my own swimmin' hole.  Building forts, climbing trees, pretending to be a superhero, causing general destruction!  This was my modus operandi.  Never far off was my dad, always there to assist me if I needed his engineering expertise or scientific knowledge of creatures both flora and fauna.  He was the go-to-guy for whittling my first walking stick/ninja weapon, and he lassoed and hoisted my first tire swing.

Dads have a tough job.  Fun, but tough.  If any of you need a little help entertaining your cantankerous lad or adventurous tom-boy I have a handy manual just for you.

Chockablock full of projects, some of them even useful to parents.  Utensil caddy, anyone?

What boy doesn't want a sailbike?

The perfect paper airplane.

Great Mother's Day gift idea!

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