Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mr. Moneybags

There I was, nine or ten years old, leaning against the glass display case at Farm and Home, a rural boutique for hard workin' folks.  Face pressed against the glass I slowly scanned the folded pieces of leather.  Some plain and smooth, others embossed with horses and livestock.  I had, perhaps, owned other wallets prior to this point.  Maybe Snoopy or Felix the Cat's face was on the outside.  But I would have dismissed those as childish toys when compared to the dark, stoic nature of their adult counterparts. They were serious, and they meant business.

I felt I had arrived for duty, manned up, was ready for the world when I bought my first wallet that day.  I had my allowance money to stow inside, along with a Cub Scout card that I slid in one of its pockets, and finally, my Pepsi Generation I.D. card that my parents had made in case I was ever lost or kidnapped while on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart.  Ever since that day the right side of my rump has had a constant companion, and I think most men can relate to the warm fuzzies produced from first-time-wallet nostalgia.

Ahhh, but gone are the days of Farm and Home, Cub Scouts, and the Pepsi Generation.  However, one thing remains and that is my appreciation for a sturdy and stylish pocketbook.  

My new prize pig is this nautical themed beauty by Jack Spade, a men's clothier known for creating classic designs that are inspired by various male perspectives throughout the 20th century.  And... brace yourselves... it comes in three colorways!  Guys never get color options, so kudos to you, Mr. Spade.  Get yours here!

Dangerous sailor tattoos line the interior hiding a wild side behind 
that traditional, preppy anchor pattern.  A great, unexpected twist.

 Light Blue colorway

Navy colorway


Katie Runnels said...

you are the sweetest peach i ever did know! you spin a nice yarn too! love your story and the wallet! I'd love to shop at the Farm & Home (is it still there? do they know what a chic name they have??) xoxoxo

Kipper Millsap said...

Thanks, Katie! Farm and Home does still exist, and should I ever need a trusty pair of overalls I'll know where to go. And their name is super chic, indeed. Glad you liked it!

shopSCAD said...

I love reading your blog-so sweet I felt transported to Farm + Home.

sunshine said...

That is just the sweetest wallet ever!
Love the nasty tats inside. ;p The best part n'est pas??