Sunday, October 10, 2010

Packed Away, Nice and Tight

Space is at a premium in my 196 sq/ft apartment.  Since I have a tendency to fill my dwelling with frivolous interior decor (clutter and knickknacks) even less real estate is available.  In short, the cute-and-cozy aesthetic does have its draw backs, and sacrifices must be made.  Forced with a difficult decision I often choose to eliminate the more sensible furniture pieces rather than lose my precious collectibles.  But I recently hit a new low; rock bottom in pack-rat-ism.  I chucked my dresser.  

But not to worry!  I didn't do so without having a backup plan.  My clothes aren't hiding under the bed, or shelved in my closet (it's pretty cramped there, too).  I opted for the slimmer, vertical storage possibilities of an antique filing cabinet like this.  

My antique Weis filing cabinet with tshirts neatly folded.  
The drawers are surprisingly deep and hold a great deal more than 
you'd expect at first glance.


And now, with proper labels, I'll never forget where I put these...

Other filing cabinet-dresser styles come in various 
compartmental arrangements, materials, and colors.

1 comment:

sunshine said...

As I clean my 2500 sq foot home after an incredibly LONG Thanksgiving weekend with all 5 children.... I envy you and your postage stamp sized living space. ;p

Love that cabinet-dresser! That's a great idea for a space like yours.
Happy organizing!!!