Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Glam

My dear friends, Mark and Donnie, are throwing a holiday bash in their gorgeous, mid-century modern home, and they asked me to decorate for the event.  Considering the setting, their personalities, and their retro invites I quickly settled on a theme:


Too awkward?

Here's a table centerpiece that I've been working on.  It's a hint of the glam and 50's style that I hope to meld in their space.  I wove strands of ribbon into the grill of an old record holder and embellished the sides with glittery floral arrangements (Michael's was having a sale!).

Vintage Record Holder
It was screaming, "Turn me into a centerpiece!"


Glittery flowers for glittery flower arranging.

Start weaving your wibbons!

Detail of arrangement.

Add some bells and whistles.  Or just bells.

And don't forget the Holiday Jams!  
It is still a record holder after all.

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kirsten sparenborg said...

Looks like Nat is loving the kipper glitz.