Friday, November 26, 2010

Glitzy Arrangements

These little 'uns will be placed throughout the space for Mark and Donnie's party.  You know, in bathrooms and such.

I was watching HGTV today (not always a good idea).  Sandra Lee was instructing viewers to decorate for the holidays with a restricted palette of only two colors.  This will produce a truly "decorated" and cohesive look.  Apparently I am going the opposite, more spontaneous direction.  

We'll see how it all comes together in the end, and if Sandra Lee was right all along.

Jingly Hornucopia

This latest centerpiece for the holiday party developed purely by accident.  I was using my vintage horn to stow my extra glittery bits when I realized that I really liked the "cornucopia-esque" shape that it was taking.  Being so appropriately festive I had to follow through with the idea.  Though truly bizarre, I love this piece.

Little, 50's elf pipe-cleaner thingies!

When I asked Mark if he had any ideas for the decorations he jokingly said, "Let's go COUNTRY.  I want ducks, Kipper, lots of ducks!"  We had a good laugh about it.  But little does he know....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Glam

My dear friends, Mark and Donnie, are throwing a holiday bash in their gorgeous, mid-century modern home, and they asked me to decorate for the event.  Considering the setting, their personalities, and their retro invites I quickly settled on a theme:


Too awkward?

Here's a table centerpiece that I've been working on.  It's a hint of the glam and 50's style that I hope to meld in their space.  I wove strands of ribbon into the grill of an old record holder and embellished the sides with glittery floral arrangements (Michael's was having a sale!).

Vintage Record Holder
It was screaming, "Turn me into a centerpiece!"


Glittery flowers for glittery flower arranging.

Start weaving your wibbons!

Detail of arrangement.

Add some bells and whistles.  Or just bells.

And don't forget the Holiday Jams!  
It is still a record holder after all.