Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ogee Whiz!

As part of my sales pitch to Dare and Susan I said that I'd create a super rad, totally kickin', patterned mural for Zim's room.  They were open to the idea of grey walls, now they were agreeing to hand painted wallpaper?  Are these people out of their gourds!?  No, they're merely progressive interior revolutionists.  And we were about to initiate "Operation Ogee." (The ogee is a Middle Eastern pattern of wavy lines that resembles onions stacked one on top of the other)

First I drew out my pattern.  Each section of the ogee measures 3'x3'.
I used the trim as an anchor for my measuring tape, letting gravity create the level.
Precision is not an issue, as we are not seeking perfection with this technique.
Good thing, huh?

I made a mark at three feet intervals down the wall. Every mark would
be a point at which two curves of the onion would meet.  Or, another way
to think of it, each point would be the top of an "onion" and the bottom of another.

I then began painting the outer line of my "onions."

I wanted to exploit that the fact that this was hand painted, so I allowed my brush strokes to be  loose and expressive.  Since this is such a graphic element, the looser application makes the ogee a little less stuffy, and a lot more whimsical.  The grey palette is masculine and, some may say, too mature for a baby's room.  However, the wonky charm of the painted design makes it perfectly age appropriate.  In person the pattern reads like a cross between Dr. Suess and Tim Burton, and that's a pretty magical combo for a little boy's room.

Here's how we finished it up.


And here's a quick little movie/tutorial for ya.


Pamela said...

incredible! Wonderful!! Spectacular!!!

kirsten sparenborg said...

KylE! This looks amazing! You're amazing!

katherine sandoz said...

omigosh! love that you changed proportions for other side of room! genius (you) and so good looking (the room)!