Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crate Expectations

Fruit crates. I just love these darn things.  I could build a whole shanty out of 'em if I wasn't afraid my family would rally for an intervention.  I buy them by the car load when I visit the local flea market where the fine folks hawking fruits and veggies sell them for $5 a piece.  They have a million uses (trust, when I typed "fruit crate" into google a million DIY projects popped up).  I built this wall unit when I moved into my apartment a couple of years ago, and still come up with great ideas for these simple, primitive structures.

In May of last year SCAD asked me to create a chair for their scholarship gala in Atlanta.  All of the artists who participated in the fundraiser were given identical chairs, the lovely pink thing you see below.  No instructions or restrictions, they merely told us to alter the existing chairs to create new ones.  After seeing this beauty (bless its heart) I was more than happy to transform it.

Being the handy feller that I am I decided to completely change the silhouette, covering the modern shape with the pieces of wood from my fruit crates.  Luckily the original chair was made of wood, too.  All I required was a box of tack nails, a hammer, and a hand saw.  As I worked with the planks of the wooden crates I saw the form of a wing-back chair developing.  Taking my cues from this happy accident I ran with it.


A little bit "proper" and little bit "pauper," this Dickensian chair is perfect for Miss Havisham's dilapidated grandeur. Barely big enough for my tiny tush, it definitely has it's restrictions, but I am pleased with the final result.  Thankfully, despite the tight squeeze, it managed to sell at auction and help out my alma mater.  Here's a photo of the chair at the silent auction beside another chair.  Unfortunately I do not know who the other artist is, but they make quite a pair!


hayliebird said...

OMG. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. You are so talented!!!

Pamela said...

oh Kyle you are so awesome!!!!

Cuyler said...

Love this chair. So unique, so you!

CB in Savannah said...

love the crates, had no idea!