Friday, February 24, 2012

Dare Dukes

Dare Dukes is a local musician who is getting A LOT of national buzz centering around his recent release, Thugs and China Dolls.  He's been compared to many, but is definitely a one-of-a-kind folk treasure that Savannah is proud to call her own.

When Dare needed some new promotional photos back in September he reached out to me for a little help with styling and finding the right photographer.  I contacted my good friend and talented photog Chia Chong.  We had collaborated many times in the past, and I knew she'd work her shutterbug magic on this project.  Here's the result of our efforts.


and behind the scenes...

Wanna be friends with the Dare Dukes Band?  Who wouldn't!?  Be a true friend and show him some love.  You can purchase the new album here.

One more thing!  Take a gander at the music video for "Meet You at the Bus," the first single from the new album.

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